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Thom Lyons | 'Home' Official Video

'Home' Official Video

Thom Lyons | 'How Do We Explain This To The Kids?' Official Video

'How Do We Explain This To The Kids' Official Video

Thom Lyons | 'Mary' Live and Acoustic

'Mary' Live and Acoustic

Thom Lyons | 'Perfect Fit' and 'Mary' Live on AM North West

'Perfect Fit' and 'Mary' Live on AM North West


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Thom Lyons is a singer songwriter born and raised in London UK who, in early 2011, packed a suitcase and a guitar and traveled some 5000 miles to start a new life in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.

It was the start of a musical rediscovery of sorts. Inspired by the friends and musicians he began to meet, the songs that began to pour out marked a shift towards the rootsy folk rock he had grown up loving - bands such as Counting Crows, REM, The Frames and Whiskeytown, tempered with the pop sensibilities of older favorites like Tom Petty and Elton John.

Employing a combination of beautifully crafted songs and a staggering voice that can jump from a rich, weathered baritone to a soaring falsetto, Thom has been winning over audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Winter 2012 saw the release of his debut album, 10 infectious folk-pop songs filled with gorgeous musical and lyrical honesty.

What others are saying:

"The album combines upbeat bluesy sensibilities with a man willing to shed his skin for the world to see… Lyons’ sincerity is never in question, nor are his abilities as a musician"
Craig Bidiman - Portland Pick

"His bluesy and lovable vocal’s go perfectly with his catchy and at times heart-wrenching lyrics."
Leah S. Pritchett - Outloud Magazine

"Thom Lyons brought lyrics and melody back to a scene where relying on rhyming "love" with "dove" had become too easy. He gave London a shot in the arm, then left us for America. We want him back!"
Emma Wilson - River Gibbs FM


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